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·         The first membership registration will run from the  1st July 2012 and will be available until 12th Aug 2012.


·         Although we welcome any size investment it is an important value of the organisation that every member retains equal voting rights (one person one vote) in the event of a company resolution or meeting.


·         You are free to sell or exchange your share at any time (at your own discretion).

·         There will be intermittent periods in which the organisation will issue more shares and the value of these will be arranged accordingly at these times.


·         Aside from your investment you will not be expected to contribute towards the running of the company. However, if there are skills you feel would help towards the growth of the record label then please feel free to add these to the form. Payment for time will be made on a trust basis, fairly and accordingly.


·         For the foreseeable future all profits will be reinvested back into the organisation. However each year we hope to put on a free event for all of our members.


·         There will be a vote at the end of each financial year to decide the distribution of the profits, in terms of reinvestments dividends etc. In the case of multiple memberships, dividends will be paid in accordance to share ownership.



On receiving your membership application you will be sent a welcome pack which will include:

o         1 Share Certificate

o         1 All The Madmen T-shirt

o         1 Ticket to the All The Madmen Launch Gig (date to be announced)