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Rob's first release was in 1985, the 12" by Blyth Power entitled 'Chevy Chase', which was a success for the band and the label. As a three piece outfit the band had previously released 'A Little Touch Of Harry In The Night' a cassette on Rob's own 96 Tapes label. The tracks on this cassette were recorded in the basement of 96 Brougham Road where All The Madmen had their small office. The 12" though was recorded at Street Level studios with Grant Showbiz engineering. The band had expanded to a five piece a few months before the time of this recording; both new members were backing singers, Andy and Sarah. These singers improved the band's sound immensely, Blyth Power would continue in this line up until the end of 1986. The three piece version of the band was decent enough, but the five piece line up really were very popular at the time, and did very well. The band even got onto Radio One's afternoon drive time show with the later single 'Ixion', with an interview on the show with Josef (although by the time the interview was aired and the single released in 1987 the band that actually recorded the track did not exist).  Blyth Power gigs at this time were always enthusiastic and sweaty. It seemed that the band was always performing somewhere live every night.


A: My Lady's Games / Chevy Chase

B: God Has Gone Wrong Again / Song Of The Third Cause


Recorded at Street Level Studios by Grant Showbiz and Justin Adams

Vocals & Drums: Josef Porta

Guitar: Neil Keenan

Bass: Curtis Youe

Backing Vocals: Sarah Lewington and Andy Morgan

Additional Musicians: Elliot (Violin) and Howard (Recorder)