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After 25 long years, All The Madmen records is returning as a collective to be run by like-minded people with the ambition to provide talented and under appreciated bands with a  platform to produce and release music into the public domain. By funding production, printing and publication of previously unsigned artists and reinvesting the proceeds back into helping more bands produce more records and more gigs; we hope to showcase the music we love to a wider audience.


We aim to create a community ethos in which the music we release is the main focus.


For the foreseeable future, any profits that the label generates will be reinvested into the company to help more musicians in what is currently a difficult environment to enter and succeed in.


We are asking that people pay an initial £50 membership fee to generate a start up fund, with which bands can begin to benefit from the recreation of the label. In keeping with the cooperative values of the company, all members will be entitled to one vote at meetings, regardless of the number of shares they hold. By becoming a member of All The Madmen you will automatically receive a share in the company.