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Who do I send my music too?

If you are looking to release through All The Madmen Records then the best place to get to us is

We use a process that works like a chain letter with a variety of members from the cooperative. This way we get the most varied range of opinions and input. This process involves a number of people and can take up to 3 weeks to complete. Please be patient with us.


Is there a mailing list I can join to hear about new releases and events?

If you select ‘allow marketing’ at checkout you will automatically be added to our newsletter.

If you would like to be added to it without purchasing then email and we would be happy to add you manually.


How do I pay by card?

When you reach the checkout select PayPal and you will be given the option to pay with card without having a PayPal account. The PayPal merchant will take the payment like any normally website, it will not store your details or create a PayPal account for you if you don’t require one.


What happens if I join the singles subscription late in the year?

You will receive all previous releases of that years subscription at the same time, within about a week of ordering. The rest will come in order of releases roughly 2 months apart.


How can I book one of the bands for my event?

If you would like one of the bands to play at event you are holding then please email or We will forward the request onto the relevant people and they will organise with you from there.


How do I become part of All The Madmen Records?

Membership to ATM is opened occasionally, mainly for special events. Sometimes it is possible to join in-between these periods, email for more details.


Can I review any records on the site?

We welcome almost all reviews of any records released by ourselves. If you would like to submit reviews then email it to


If you have any questions which aren’t answered above then please contact using the relevant email address