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"Would those who say it can't be done, please stand clear of those doing it”

Rockaway Park is a unique place. Found on Cloud Hill, in Temple Cloud, south of Bristol, Rockaway Park is a self-built eco veggie house in its own grounds that is home to a community of diverse and interdependent talents. At the core of our community, based in this disused quarry, is a belief that collaboration and collectivism - sharing work, vision and ideas - are how all great creations take hold and manifest. Rockaway Park is the brainchild of Mark Mob, and his vision has developed the site from a scrap yard to an incredibly beautiful and heartwarming place to be, full of like-minded people and a huge and eclectic collection of obscure artefacts of all sizes, from aeroplanes to gypsy caravans. The spirit that created All The Madmen is alive and kicking, transposed onto a bit of derelict Somerset.



Three very comfortable rooms/self catering apartments are fitted out to a high quality, check out our Airbnb page


Vegan Cafe

The Rockaway Cafe is run by Marta and its mission is to provide healthy, nutritious and affordable vegan food. Open part time during the week and for Sunday lunches. Check the website for info.


Check the website or sign up for regular updates of what's on.

There is always a variety of events, from our Sunday Sessions - vegan Sunday roast, market and music - to gigs, cinema, workshops, and we are also part of other events and festivals, e.g. Somerset Arts Week. This year we put on our fist cider festival!


We have a community forest garden, a celebrant for every occasion, school of curiosity, music rehearsal studio and therapy room for hire, yoga classes, free mental health sessions, art therapy sessions and more including the Chapel of Unrest.


Filming At Rockaway Park

Rockaway has been used as a location to film music videos, documentaries and training videos, so the possibilities for filming here are pretty varied. Get in touch if you're interested in exploring the options.


For more info go to the Rockaway Park website