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All The Madmen

By 1987, Cold Storage Studio had been upgraded with a 24-track desk and Thatcher on Acid returned to record this their debut album for All The Madmen. However, their drummer Martin left soon after and was replaced by Andi Tuck. Fortunately, the band managed to open the 'Gathering of the 5000' show at Brixton Academy with Conflict before Curdled was released, which greatly boosted their profile.

A: Guess Who's Running The Show / New Thing / The Taxi / RiffRaff/Orthodox / The Cage

B: Is It Art? / The Wind-Up / Thatcher On Acid / Fly / Stop/Start

Recorded at Cold Storage, Brixton by Bastie and Bill

Vocals & Guitar: Ben Corrigan

Bass: Matt Cornish

Drums: Martin Hosken