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MAD28 Steve Lake and Slow Erosion - They Call It Sleep / I'm At War With My Brain

Released October 2014

Issue # 2 in All the Madmen Club Series 2

Steve Lake with Slow Erosion

a. They Call It Sleep (05:00)

b. I'm At war With My Brain (03:53)

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Steve Lake, writer and front man with Rough Trade legends Zounds teams up with the talented young guns of Bristol band Slow Erosion, refugees from Bristol’s famed Cube Orchestra.

 Steve now divides his time between the bucolic badlands of England’s South West and the American South-Western deserts of Arizona, Utah and Nevada. On these tracks the rainy English disposition is hung out to dry in the scorching heat of an unforgiving sun.

 ‘They Call It Sleep’ is an atmospheric piece of psychedelia. A slow burning story of unrealistic expectations, manufactured glamour and exploitation set in the corrupt desert town of Las Vegas. As everybody knows, life here is cheap, everything else is expensive and contrary to popular rumour nothing ever just stays in Vegas.

 On this song, Lake duets with spectacular Algerian chanteuse Leila Gamaz while Steve Watson’s guitar snakes around the melody like a rattler set for the kill. Suzi Lamb’s percussion growls and prowls like a coyote poised to pounce, which by the end of the track it does.

 The B side, ‘I’m At War With My Brain’, explores and grooves on the theme of the constant battle between body and mind, a battle nobody can win….