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MAD04 - This was the most adventurous project to date and was released in 1983. The album 'Let The Tribe Increase' by The Mob which originally came out in an reddish orange cover, with a poster, and displayed 'borrowed' artwork from Alternative TV's second album on the front cover! The Mob had been based in London for a couple of years by now, so the address they were using was c/o Freedom Press bookshop in east London. All the members were living in squats and co-op housing in west and north London, so needed an address they could rely on, in case they were evicted from their homes. The album is absolutely essential listening, and had wonderful reviews from the music biz hacks, and more importantly from the followers and fanzine writers of the day. This album got to number 3 in the indie charts and was featured in all the weekly music papers. Josef played drums on this album, which was recorded at Spaceward studios in Cambridge. A later pressing of Let The Tribe Increase was printed with a blue sleeve where it was previously red.  The album was subsequently re-released as a compilation including all tracks released as singles on double LP or CD by Rugger Bugger Discs (London) in collaboration with Lazy Dog Records (Greece) and Gap Recordings (Netherlands) and also on CD by Broken Rekids (San Francisco).  It is currently available as a deluxe retrospective gatefold single LP or CD with additional tracks The Mirror Breaks, Stay and Stay (Demo Version) released by Overground Records, Newcastle UK. 

A: Another Day Another Death / Cry Of The Morning / Dance On (You Fool) / Raised In A Prison / Slayed / Our Life Our World

B: Gates Of Hell / I Wish / Never Understood / Roger / Witch Hunt

Recorded December 1982 at Spaceward Studios, Cambridge

Vocals & Guitar: Mark Wilson

Bass: Curtis Youe

Drums: Josef Porta