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Increasing the Tribe, so far...


November 12th - Breaking Barriers - Celebrating 40 Years of Punk and Beyond, Het Depot, Leuven, Belgium with The Damned, The Membranes, Discharge, Hard Skin and others

October 22nd - Nosturi, Helsinki, Finland with Silent Scream, The Heartburns, [di: unru:] and Sierpien

October 21st - Vastavirta-Klubi, Tampere, Finland with Silent Scream, [di: unru:] and Riistetyt 

October 14th - T-Chances, Tottenham, London with Kalashnikov Collective, Flowers of Flesh and Blood  and Miserable Wretch

September 2nd  - Treviso Punx Festival / In Veneto There Is No Law, Giavera del Montello, Treviso, Italy with Zounds, Horror Vacui, Eslege and others

August 21st - A Benefit Gig In Memory of Sheleen Quinn, The Plough, Easton, Bristol UK with Steve Lake (Zounds), A-Heads and others

July 30th - No Sanctuary Festival #3, Rijeka, Croatia

July 2nd - Degeneration Free Punk & Ska Festival, The Haygate, Wellington UK

April 29th - South London Scum Collective benefit for Love Sex/Hate Sexism and The National Rape Crisis Helpline, Boston Arms Music Room, Tufnel Park, London with Appalachian Terror Unit, Icons Of Filth and Horror Vacui

February 28th - Another Winter Of Discontent 2016, The Dome, Tufnel Park, London with Subhumans, Dirtbox Disco, Yalla Yallas, Rabies Babies, Autopsy Boys and Kill Pretty


September 5th -  Dirty Weekend Festival, Cheshire UK with Grand Collapse and others

August 15th - Berserktown II Festival, The Observatory, Santa Ana CA

August 14th - Bahia Bar, Mexico City D.F. with Juanita y Los Feos, Cremalleras, Muerte and Último Imperio

August 8th - Rebellion Festival, Blackpool UK

June 28th - Glastonbury Festival Unfairground, Wango Riley's Travelling Stage (11pm)

June 27th - Glastonbury Festival Shangri-La, Punk Rock Bar, Shangri-La City (after midnight)

April 11th - Red 7 Austin TX - with Institute, Slimy Member and Kurrakä

April 10th - Damaged City Festival Washington D.C - The Mob headline the Friday main show at St. Stephen's Church 1525 Newton St. NW

April 8th - Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia PA with SGNLS and Future Primitive

April 7th - The Acheron, Brooklyn NY with Survival, Suicidas and Pox

April 6th - Middle East (Upstairs) Cambridge, Boston MA with Perspex Flesh, Blazing Eye, Sadist and Stranger

April 4th - Katacombes CoOp, Montreal QC with Dethfox, Johnny Couteau and Perverted Justice

April 3rd - Sneaky Dee's, Toronto ON with Dekoder and Black Baron

April 1st - Cattivo, Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh PA with Silence and Appalachian Terror Unit

March 31st - Cobra Lounge, Chicago IL with Population, Cemetery and Veil Vitric


December 19th - Assembly Rooms, Glastonbury UK with Zounds, Anthrax and Mark Astronaut

December 4th - The Truth of Revolution, Brother book launch, The Windmill, Brixton, London with Steve Lake, Einar Örn, Steve Ignorant, Interrobang and TV Smith

October 25th - Green Door Store, Brighton UK with Flowers In The Dustbin and Idiot Strength

October 11th - Means To An End DiY Festival #10, 1-in-12 Club, Bradford UK

October 10th - Boars Head. Kidderminster UK with Brassick

September 6th - Anarchist Black Cross Festival, Maxéville, Nancy FR with  I Know, Atomic Tango, Life Scars, Bakounine, Exilent and Ursula Misere

September 5th - Le Parvis de Bagnolet, Bagnolet FR (N.E. of Paris) with Maquina Muerta and Julie Colere 

July 25th - The Grosvenor, Stockwell, London with Hard Skin, Arms Race and Frau

July 12th - New Direction DiY Festival #5, Juha, Herrenberg DE with Belgrado, Ruidosa Inmundicia and others

July 5th - Freedom of the Cities, The Tunnels, Aberdeen UK with Oi Polloi, The System and others

July 4th - Freedom of the Cities, Classic Grand, Glasgow UK with Oi Polloi, Battery Humans and others

June 21st - K-Town Hc Festival, Ungdomshuset, Copenhagen DK

May 31st - Ché Café Collective, La Jolla, San Diego CA. with Diatribe, Man Vs Man and Trash Axis

May 30th - East 7th Punx Los Angeles CA. with Rhythm of Cruelty, Destruye Y Huye, Ugly Heads and Vial (Sadicos didn't play)

May 29th - The Catalyst Atrium, Santa Cruz CA. with Ragana and Blackbird Raum

May 28th - Metro Operahouse, Oakland CA with Kicker, Dead Cvlt and 2084 (Crimson Scarlet didn't play)

May 27th - South Oregon Punk Dayfest, Williams (Nr Ashland) OR with Vicious Pleasures, Dead Cvlt, Shadowhouse, Bone Spells, Disaster Area and Indigenous Voice and Dance of the Klamath Tribes (Juicy Karkass didn't play)

May 25th - Blackwater Records, Portland OR. with Vivid Sekt and Dead Cvlt

May 24th - Highlline Bar, Seattle WA. with Criminal Code, Countdown to Armageddon and Rhythm of Cruelty

May 23rd - Guys & Dolls Billiards Hall, Vancouver BC. with Infidel, Pura Mania and Passion Slaves

May 3rd - Rise-Up-Rise, 02 Academy, Bristol UK with Buzzcocks, Subhumans, Ed Tudor-Pole, GBH, Anti Nowhere League, [spunge], Brassick, U.K.'s Lowest and others

February 22nd - The Chapel, Salisbury UK with Anthrax, Virus and Foxpunch


December 7th - The Black Bull, Gateshead UK

December 6th - Wagon & Horses, Digbeth, Birmingham UK with Phil P.A.I.N. and Brassick

November 29th - No. 6, Weymouth UK with The Astronauts and Komakino

November 2nd - CSO L'Astilla, Barcelona with Las Otras and Demonios Salvajes

November 1st - Valencia ES

October 31st - Rock Palace, Madrid ES with Sudor

October 30th - Getaiko Gaztetxian, Getaria EH with Frau and Gaitze 

October 29th - Biribay, Fundición 4, 26002 Logroño, La Rioja, ES with Hijas Del No and Viktimas Del No Aborto

October 19th - Tottenham Chances, London with Culture Shock and AOS3

September 25th - The Island, Old Bridewell Police Station, Bristol, UK with Belgrado and The Bellicose Minds

September 7th - North East Calling, O2 Academy, Newcastle, UK, with; Steve Ignorant and Paranoid Visions, Discharge, Ruts DC, Sham 69....

September 6th - The Boars Head, Kidderminster, UK with Alcohol Licks and Brassick

August 10th - Bizarre BazaarRebellion Festival, Blackpool, UK

August 2nd - RRRÖÖÖAAARRR @MTL, Sala Rossa, Montréal, QC, with; Blue Cross, Survival, Dekoder, Noyade and Silent Bones

August 2nd - Afternoon squat gig, Montréal, QC

July 27th - Puntala Rock 2013, Lempäälä, FL with; Kieltolaki, 九狼吽/Clown, White Tears, Agrotóxico, Lapinpolthajat, Coke Bust, Ahneus, Diskelmä, Civil Olydnad, F.U.K., Foreseen, Tauko, Valse Triste, G.A.U., Yhteiskunnan Ystävät?, Kipinä, Visions of War, Eyewitness, Kaupungin Valot, Hintit, The Underclass and Diströi 

July 13th  - D.I.Y. Hardcore Punk Fest 9, Klub Ucho, Gdnyia, PL, with; Active Minds, Belgrado, Satanic Malfunctions, Drip Of Lies, Icons Of Evil and Massmilicja

June 15th - CSO L'Astilla, Barcelona, Catalunya with; Belgrado, Crosta and Sect

May 25th - Fibber Magees, Dublin, IE, with; Steve Ignorant and Paranoid Visions, Protex and The Penny Black Remedy

May 18th - F.O.A. Boccaccio 003, Monza, IT, with; Kalashnikov Collective, Horror Vacui, Pioggia Nera and Ivories

May 17th  - Legion Of The Dead Festival, XM24, Bolgna, IT, with; Dystopian Society, Delenda Noia, Horror Vacui and Infamia

May 11th - Festival Unpleasant Meeting, Partie 2, La Miroiterie, Paris, FR with Hagar The Womb, Cop On Fire, Tanzkommando Untergang, Andy T, Sect, Elvira & The Bats and Sniffing Glue

March 29th - B.O.B. Fest, Komedia, Bath UK with; Slime, Subhumans, Schisse Minnelli, Kicker and The Divvys

March 2nd - Another Winter Of Discontent 2013, Boston Arms Music Room, Tufnell Park, London with; Blyth Power, The Cravats, The System, A-Heads, Andy T, Louise Distras, Paul Carter and Dogshite

February 23rd - Frost Punx Picnic, AZ Mülheim an der Ruhr, DE with; Reset//Mankind, Ruins, Nothing, T-34, Hibernation, Last Legion Alive, Cancer Spreading, Slaktrens and Strahlentod

February 22nd - Kopi, Berlin, DE with Bruch and Hibernation

February 3rd - A.C.C.O: Autonoom Centrum voor Cultuur en Ontspanning, Leuven, BE with Zounds and Tache

February 1st - Grauzone Festival, Melkweg, Amsterdam, NL with; Zounds, Chameleons Vox, A Certain Ratio, Echo & The Bunnymen, Fehlfarben, IceAge....


November 30th - All The Madmen Launch, Boston Arms Dome, Tufnell Park, London with; Kill Pretty, Andy T, Hagar The Womb and The Astronauts

November 3rd - Drop Dead Festival, Cube Club, Berlin, DE with; UK Decay, Flesh United, 13th Moon, Dystopian Society and Tanzkommando Untergang

October 27th - Blackwater Records, Portland OR with; Arctic Flowers, Bellicose Minds, Moral Hex and Funeral Parade

October 25th - Highline Bar, Seattle WA with; The Estranged, Adelitas and Kohosh

October 24th - Iron Road Studios, Vancouver BC with Spectres and Systematik

October 23rd - The Know, Portland OR with Tragedy and The Bi-Marks

October 21st - Oakland Metro Operahouse, Oakland CA with; Sickoids, RankXerox, Crimson Scarlet and New Flesh

October 20th - Unit B Studios, Santa Ana CA with; Against Empire, Drapetomania and Secret Sect

October 19th - Black Castle, Los Angeles CA with; Naked Agression, Coaccion, Destroy Judas and Generacion Suicida

September 15th - Enemy Of The Sun Festival, Matrix Club, Prague, CZ with; Wolfbrigade, Vitamin X, Yuppicide, Instinct Of Survival, Cyness, Massgrave....

August 3rd - Bizarre Bazaar, Rebellion Festival, Blackpool, UK

July 28th - Hebden Bridge Punx Picnic, Trades Club, Hebden Bridge, UK with; The System, Andy T, Autonomads, John Player Specials, Lowlife UK, Evil Eye, Total Bloody Chaos and Pedagree Scum

May 31st - Chaos In Tejas, the Mohawk, Austin TX with; Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, Reality Crisis, Crazy Spirit and Criaturas

May 29th - Death By Audio, Brooklyn NY with Sickoids, Nomads and Anasazi

May 28th - Great Scott, Boston MA with Bloody Gears and M.F.B.

May 12th - 1 in 12 Club, Bradford, UK with Kill Pretty, Andy T and Nu Pogodi

February 24th - The Fleece, Bristol, UK with Patrik Fitzgerald, Hagar The Womb, Idiot Strength and Shocks Of Mighty!

February 18th - Six D.O.G.S. Athens, GR

February 17th - Six D.O.G.S. Athens, GR

February 15th - Gaia Live! Thessaloniki, GR with Moot Point


November 18th - Weird Tales 2011, Jamm, Brixton, London with; Zounds, Kill Pretty, Andy T, Rubella Ballet, The Astronauts and Idiot Strength

October 14th - Quicksilver Mail, Yeovil, UK with Idiot Strength, Psycho Daisies and Try Not To

August 20th - Beautiful Days Festival, Escot Park, Devon, UK with; Carter USM, Afro Celt Sound System, Pop Will Eat Itself, Paul Heaton....

June 4th - The Macbeth, Hoxton, London - For Jamie (Private Gig) with Idiot Strength

April 4th - The Fleece, Bristol, UK with; Zounds, Rubella Ballet, Andy T, Insurrection and Idiot Strength