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The Mob 'The Mirror Breaks / Stay' 7" was released mid 1983, and is one of the prettier songs, musically, released by the band. After a European tour in late 1983, The Mob split up and Curtis and Josef immediately carried on playing with their new band Blyth Power, which included Neil from Faction on guitar. Josef had already been playing (a soon to be Blyth Power song) 'Hurling Time' live with The Mob towards the last few shows. Mark was disillusioned with London, and felt no need to continue writing and recording songs for The Mob. He went quietly into the countryside with the peace convoy and in the process started to raise a family.

A: The Mirror Breaks

B: Stay

Recorded August 1983 at Spaceward Studios, Cambridge by Joe Bull and The Mob

Vocals & Guitar: Mark Wilson

Bass: Curtis Youe

Drums: Josef Porta