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MOB01 - The 'Crying Again / Youth' 7 was released in 1980 with the financial help of Max, and was the first record on the All The Madmen label. The local record shop in Yeovil called Acorn agreed to distribute it locally. Other sales went through mail order via the fanzine and at local gigs performed by the band. The address for all correspondence for the fanzine and the new label was Larkhill Road, Yeovil, which was where Geoff was living at the time. The sleeve was done by Wilf, a friend of Marks and Geoff, who would work quite closely with the label from then on. All The Mob's releases on the label featured Wilf's artwork. He also worked on product for other record labels including the artwork for The Mob's 'No Doves Fly Here' 7" released on Crass Records in 1981.

A: Crying Again
B: Youth

Recorded and Mixed 1979 at The Crypt, Stevenage by Grant Showbiz
Vocals & Guitar: Mark Wilson
Bass: Curtis Youe
Drums: Graham Fallows