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MAD35 Poison Girls Badges

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Please note.  As the badges are hand-made in small batches, there can sometimes be a slight delay before your order is shipped. Please order with confidence.  Thank you for your patience and support.

Persons Unknown Badges

In 1980,  Poison Girls produced and distributed a series of forty eight one-inch button/pin badges to promote and reinforce the Persons Unknown declaration.  

Using words from the song, each badge identifies a social (mis)fit  - the collective Persons Unknown.

The original badges have become sought after for their part in Poison Girls' legend.  They have now been carefully recreated.  Printed black on white, hand pressed and available as a complete set or in part-sets.

Please take care in studying the options and selecting which set - part or full, you would like to purchase (hover your cursor over the image for closer detail).

We regret that we are unable to provide mixed, custom part-sets.  They are divided in groups of eight as read in sequence on the main image from top left to bottom right, plus the two image badges

Part-Set Options

Six different part-sets of 10 badges, each in a resealable bag comprising (zoom in on the image for a guide)*;

Part Set 1 - This Is A Message to Big Men On Building Sites plus Crow and Yin/Yang

Part Set 2 - Statistics On Balance Sheets to Teachers In Empty Schools plus Crow and Yin/Yang

Part Set 3 - Visionaries With Coloured Hair to Football Crowd Hooligans plus Crow and Yin/Yang

Part Set 4 - Hey There Mr Average to One Parent Families plus Crow and Yin/Yang

Part Set 5 - Feminists In Floral Skirts to The Lonely Who Long For plus Crow and Yin/Yang

Part Set 6 - Collectors Of Tickets to Flesh And Blood Are Who We Are plus Crow and Yin/Yang

The Full Series

A full set of 50 badges -  48 lyrical badges plus two featuring the classic Poison Girls "Crow" and "Yin/Yang" logos.  In a clear snap-seal bag with printed 10 x 15cm postcard