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Rubella Ballet - Planet Punk

Rubella Ballet - Planet Punk

The last of the first pressing....

12 track transparent green vinyl LP with 15 track CD and booklet or jewel cased CD with booklet

Overground Records OVER135LP/CD

Their first album of new material since 1986's "If"

“They were the band who bridged the gaps between The Sex Pistols, X Ray Spex, and Crass.”

Tyler Vile Punk Globe Dec 2014.



a. Planet Punk / All Potential Terrorists / Run Run / Killuminati / Pandora’s Box / Anonymous

b. Hellbilly Heroin / Bio Hazard / Silver Or Lead / Wonderful Life / You’ll Be Sorry / Sedition

Victory For The Victims (CD only) / Vampire Wedding (CD Only) / Starship Transporter (CD only)


Sid and Zillah were inspired to start writing this album containing highly motivated and political songs about a variety of subjects such as: government brainwashing, the creation of new strains of flu virus to reduce human population, the police cover up of Hillsborough stadium disaster as well as a chance meeting with two whistle-blowing MI5/6 agents who had been monitoring their political activities in the 80's and were now working with William Rodriguez, a caretaker at the twin towers who had dedicated his life to telling the world what he believed really happened during 9/11. 

Sid explains “The overriding message of the album is to not to believe every thing you hear on the news or read in the newspapers, as the very same people we are protesting against are those compiling the news.

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