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Kill Pretty - Snake Sheds Skins

Available to download for free (requires nominal £0.02p payment) or for a donation; a brand new album of Kill Pretty music called “Snake Sheds Skins” featuring sonic alterations to classic tracks and radical re-workings of others plus, the previously unreleased “Limboland”. 
All remixes are by Passage of Time, taken from the original recordings with additional music interludes added……featured tracks are :
  • Emperors New Clothes

  • What About Me?

  • Kill Pretty (Angel Wings Mix)

  • Clever Men Who Have Thin Arms

  • Thirteen Moons (Dub)

  • Limboland

  • What About Me? (Dub)

Free to download or donate if you can. 100% of Donations for this album go to Kill Pretty to help them with further projects.

(although this can be a free download you must complete the checkout process in order to receive an instant download, just select 0.00 if you do not wish to donate)


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