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Kill Pretty - In 80 Days

Free to download (requires nominal £0.02p payment) but all donations happily accepted!

This is the first album from Kill Pretty. 

Only currently available for digital download.

Kill Pretty - In 80 Days

01. Joey Stefano 03:07

02. Stress 02:20

03. Rectal Mucus 03:16

04. Babes in the Wood 03:55

05. Rehash 03:18

06. Brown Eyes 03:48

07. Acetone 03:55

08. Black Dog City Blues 02:15

09. As Good as it Gets? 03:10

10. Hessler Berghoff Syndrome 03:03

11. Emperor's New Clothes 04:52

12. Stupid Club 02:27

100% of Donations for this album go to Kill Pretty to help them with further projects.

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