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Jake Baker (Part1) - A Living Death

A Living Death Vol.1 by Jake Baker

A collection of poems and prose

Ferelli scrawls; "AT LONG LAST. THE WORDS BEHIND THE VOICE BEYOND THE WORDS. 'A LIVING DEATH' TOME OF PROSE BY JAKE crafted edition of this rare new collection of morbid meanderings and claustrophobic ruminations from the voice of PART 1...worthy of any slotted space on bookshelf or CASKET...a genuine whine of PARAWORM by the ghastly glotis himself...

Over 30 poems of woe and misery via Paraworm Publications...a worthy, wormy product..."

From the haunted hand of Part1's Jake Baker, "A Living Death Vol.1" is a collection of sinister sonnets and vicarious verse: bound to please from Paraworm Publications and available now

One Man One War One Tragedy.  A collection of words.

More of Jake's stark raving rhymes can be found at JunK PoetrY