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See, hear, dance and learn the words to the wondrous Hagar The Womb stage-crowding extravaganza at;


December 1st - Carnival Punks Weekender (Day One), The Chelsea Inn, Bristol BS5 6AU with Public Order Act and Others fb

Further gigs will be posted here as they are confirmed or see Hagar's Facebook

The trail of pints through straws, small-print crib sheets, guitar posturing, lurid green leopard spots, exploding drummers and guest stars so far....


November 11th - Grow Your Own Records All-dayer, The Gunners, Highbury, London with Anthrax, Dogshite. Mindframe and others 

tober 28th - Hallow Crust Day, The Castle & Falcon, Birmingham UK with Omega Tribe, Anti-System and others

September 23rd - For Martin, The Hanway Social Club, London with Shocks of Mighty! and others.  A benefit for INQUEST in celebration of the life of Martin 'Bug' Schafer

July 22nd - Beside the Birdbath, Cowley Club, Brighton UK with Metatrons, Austerity and others

June 10th - The Something Else Sistafest, Spring Farm, Near Dun's Tew, Oxfordshire with Back To The Planet, Tarantism, Dogshite and many more

May 10th - The Islington, London supporting The Nightingales with Pleasure Complex

March 24th - Get On With It! 3 - 2017, Green Door Store, Brighton UK with Wally Dean, Chuck SJ Hay, Combat Shock

March 4th - A Fundraiser for Anti-fascist prisoners and 0161 Festival, Wharf Chambers Co-operative, Leeds UK with Oi Polloi, Eastfield, The Yalla Yallas and others

February 19th - Vi Day (A charity event celebrating the life of Vi Subversa), AWOD 2017, The Dome, Tufnell Park, London with DIRT, Rubella Ballet, Omega Tribe and others

January 21st - 100 Years of the Marks - An Anarcho-Punk Extravaganza! The 1 in 12 Club, Bradford UK with; Icons of Filth, Anti-System, Liberty, Potential Threat, Burning Flag and others


November 26th - Grow Your Own Records Mini Festival, Dublin Castle, Camden, London with Anthrax, Flowers In The Dustbin, Anarchistwood, Hysteria Ward and The Fleas

August 7th Rebellion Festival, Blackpool UK

May 27th - Convoy Cabaret at Bearded Theory, Catton Hall, South Derbyshire with Midweek Rattle, Filthy Spectacula, Bad Fractals, Sporadics and Ed Cox

April 29th - 0161 Festival, Moston Miners Community Centre, Manchester UK with Inner Terrestrials and others

April 2nd - Punk Rock Youth Club presents Veg's 21st Birthday Party, Silver Bullet, Finsbury Park, London with All-Star Punk Rock Karaoke, Anarchistwood and Shocks of Mighty!

March 26th - Get On With It 2 Punk Bash-tival, Green Door Store, Brighton UK with Culture Shock, Cravats, Flowers In The Dustbin, Dog*Shite and others

January 30th - The Bow Bells, London E3 3AA with Flowers in the Dustbin and Anarchistwood


November 7th - 13th Note, Glasgow (A Northern Scum Collective event) with Constant Fear, The Disturbed, Sanction This and Brian Curran

November 6th - The Black Bull, Gateshead UK with Paranoid Visions and Left for Dead

August 1st - The Silver Bullet, Finsbury Park, London with Shocks of Mighty! and The Ethical Debating Society

April 11th - The Actress & Bishop, Birmingham UK with Anthrax and others.

April 5th - A Tribute to Francisco "Paco" Carreno, 100 Club, London with Conflict, Icons of Filth, Restarts, Potential Threat, Liberty and Lost Cherrees

March 28th - Get On With It! - A two-day Punk Bash, Green Door Store, Brighton UK with Zounds, Anthrax, Eastfield, Interrobang?! and others

March 5th - International Women's Day pre-party, Femme Brutal@Café Mir, Grünerløkka, Oslo NO with Dark Times DJs Ann Kristen and Rikke plus Up Yours! - a conversation about feminist punk with Jenny Dellegård of Femme Brutal and Sigrun Sæbø Åland of Jenkem Warriors

February 28th - AWOD 2015, Boston Arms Dome, Tufnell Park, London with MDC, The Restarts, Subumans, Sick On The Bus and Roughneck Riot


December 17th - Fear n' Loathing' 'Zine's 25th / Andy P's 50th, The Fiddlers Elbow, Camden, London with TV Smith, Bears and The Phobics

September 7th - T-Chances, Tottenham, London with Cop On Fire and Shocks of Mighty! 

August 10th - Rebellion Festival, Winter Gardens, Blackpool UK

July 19th2/2 Nights of Punk n' Crust, Adam & Eve, Birmingham UK with Anthrax (UK), Constant State Of Terror, Bus Station Loonies, Pedagree Skum and Complete Dysfunction

July 18th - The Horseshoe Inn, Wellingborough UK with Cretin 77 and Family of Noise (A free entry gig)

May 9th - Festival Unpleasant Meeting 3, Le Soft, Ivry-sur-Seine, Paris  with Metro Cult, Hysteria Ward, Belgrado, Part 1, The Cravats and Chaos UK

March 29th - Veg and Steph's Golden Birthdays Jubilee, The Silver Bullet, Finsbury Park, London with Striplight, Shocks of Mighty! and W.A.G.T.E.Y Mk II

March 22nd - Green Door Store, Brighton UK with Anthrax, Part1 and Eastfield

November 23rd - The Adam & Eve, Digbeth, Birmingham UK with Eastfield, Virus, Alcohol Licks and the Mitch-tease

October 5th- The Lexington, Islington, London with Hard Skin and Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät (family-friendly afternoon gig 2 - 5pm)

September 28th - The Belvoir Castle, Bath UK with Anthrax, Virus, Liberty and 51st State

August 18th Camden Carnage 2013, Underworld, Camden, London with; RDF, The Astronauts and Shocks of Mighty!

August 10th - Bizarre Bazaar, Rebellion Festival, Blackpool UK

May 11th - Festival Unpleasant Meeting, Partie 2. La Miroiterie, Paris, FR, with; The Mob, Cop on Fire, Tanzkommando Untergang, Andy T, Sect, Elvira & The Bats and Sniffing Glue

March 30th- Boston Arms Music Room, Tufnell Park, London. A benefit event in memory of Steve "Gogs" Parsons of BBP Tapes with; Cult Maniax, Decadent Few, Shocks of Mighty! and The Pukes

February 15th - The Prince Albert, Brighton UK with; Pog, Mad Dog Collective and Horend Lesley-Drunk


December 15th - The Grosvenor, Stockwell, London with; Subhumans, Antidotum, The Eccentrics and Alice Rock

November 30th - All The Madmen Launch, Boston Arms Dome, Tufnell Park, London with; The Mob, Kill Pretty, Andy T and The Astronauts

August 3rd- Bizarre Bazaar, Rebellion Festival, Blackpool UK

July 21st - The Prince Albert, Brighton UK with; Anal Beard and Lineside

June 30th- A Summer of Civil Disobedience, Boston Arms Music Room, Tufnell Park, London with Radical Dance Faction (RDF), Steve Lake, Decadent Few and Violation 69

March 4th - Another Winter of Discontent, Boston Arms Music Room, Tufnell Park, London with Subhumans, Zounds, Lost Cherrees, Louise Distras and The Pukes

February 24th- The Fleece, Bristol UK with; The Mob, Patrik Fitzgerald, Idiot Strength and Shocks of Mighty!