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I've never been a great believer in truth. Its too open to manipulation, interpretation and in the hands of a politician can be a serious weapon. Not to mention the media. Dont get me started. What is truth? Facts? Fiction? Goodness only knows.


I'm not talking about lies; white or otherwise. When I am speaking to someone I say what is true at the time. Or put another way what I believe it is what I want to say. The next day that may be something else. I suppose by truth perhaps I am referring to honesty. Honesty,yes thats it.


Obviously i'm not talking about owning up to stealing a packet of fags from the corner shop when I was 12 or some religious nonsense about morals dictated by a half-arsed git sitting in a multi-million pound throne room in italy, or such. I'm trying to talk about being an individual, being true to your own ideas, listening to other people and learning. Recognising that you dont know everything, that others have different ideas [which you may find abhorent] but having the sense to revel in diversity.


Actually I think i've moved onto tolerance now. Jesus i never could focus. Anyway the point is that you should never believe I word I say because, as my housemate often tells me, i am a fantasist.


I like running. Thats a bit of a wishy washy statement. I dont like running. I am a runner. I dont jog like the sados you see wobbling along on NY's day. Oh dear is that a bit of an 'ist' I just committed. Anyway I run with the intention of getting somewhere rather than to get fit or lose wait. I'm not particularly fast but I can trot along quite well.


I was passed over for the olympics for some reason. Probably cos I called sebastian coe a tosser. One of my best friends is called sebastian it may possibly have been him I called a tosser. He lives in cornwall which is enough of a reason for calling him a tosser. No offence, Tosser.


Tonight I went for a short run around the village. I couldnt really be bothered but I forced myself to do it. Partly because Amy, my housemate, [one of them] was having a friend come round. I though maybe I could impress her by wandering in,in my skimpy gear with sweat dripping off me nose.


Running is a great form meditation. I went to a budhist place near here one time to try to find some help to sort out my demons. Demons. Bastards. Anyway the day was about seeking some sort of peace by meditation. Its was a great place. I met a cool geezer who told me how he had a child with a budhist monk. Trouble was she was being a real pain over his access to the said child. [I am sure she would have a different view on the situation but I didnt get to speak to her]. Anyway this geezer worked in various budhist places around the world. So he was a real devotee not just a hanger on. He didnt have a good word to say about her. The point being you would not expect such behaviour in a budhist centre, would you? But then, hey, why the fook not? A real eye opener. Just because soemone has all the appearance of being a sorted sort of fellow doesnt mean nothin'. Budhist or any other prescribed or not so prescribed system of thought and deed cannot and will not shield you from the human  condition I.e. a fuuk up. We are all made equal in the name of the lord, johnny h rotten that is? Just because someone looks cool doesnt mean they are. Look at that bald headed muscle man, mr universe, used to be govenor of californication but now works as singer for goldblade or some such jazz act.


Why do so many people slag johnny off? A proper tosser he may be. “one drop, dah didah di dah di dah, ooohhh” if he aint no one then why do somany people talk somuch about him. Read chumba mans biog or even the story of crass. Well I like him, so I am a tosser too, no denials from me.


Ahhnow where was I? Ah yes meditation. So anyway on the day course the nice bald lady gave us instruction in how to mediate. Well what doya think happened? Someone farted? Yes probably. Its an inevitability with the high fibre veggie diet we anarchos eat. Dont ya? But the real, what happened next, is that we all fell asleep. Very relaxing but I could have stayed at home and done that. In fact I do it most nights.


Whereas running. Or to be honest any distance covering physical activity or repetitive  thing such as hitting nails with a hammer. Can be meditative. However hammering can only really be a short-term activity for obvious reasons. Cycling is good. Not the sort done by scottish men with hippo thighs, mmm nice thighs jimmy. [another ist there]. Running, whether on the road or over the fells [like what i do], is brilliant for taking you to other places sounds a bit bolloxy doesnt it? Mmm how can I put it? All I know is I can release tension, find new ideas, think through issues. Develop my own, understand other peoples theories. Generally its what I am going to eat for dinner. But sometimes I feel like that biblical geezer who had a some kind revelation on the way to scunthorpe  or was it uttoxeter. Never been to either place actually.what are they like I wonder. Reminds of a track by Rodrigez. Did you see that film about him, searching for sugar man. No, well watch it.


So today I went for a short run. After working out what I was going to have for dinner I moved onto the issue [and the point of this dribble] what is truth? I meandered with ideas about being yourself, decided that felt a bit too narsasistic. Moved onto a natural truth, like the air,earth and sea etc. decided that was just boring. Then moved onto... just as I was rounding the corner near the pub where my friends were playing at the local open mic. Hippy gits all of them. ...onto honesty and then tolerance. By the time I made it up 'shit row', a short alley where people take their dogs to shit and never clean it up. Filthy tossers. I was just concluding that I knew nothing and I would not actually conclude anything. And thus came a dawning realisation that I was home and that was the truth. Well nearly.


The friend of Amy's wasnt very impressed with my sweaty body afterall.


I had brown/green lentils with varoius overcooked veg for my dinner. If you're interested.



Written by Member Additions — January 11, 2013

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